How to meditate to gain beauty and youth

Did you know that meditating can help you achieve or maintain a youthful and beautiful appearance without resorting to cosmetic formulations?

It is not a no speculation!

Several recent studies have linked meditation to beautification and rejuvenation.

Controlling your mind and getting it to stimulate positive cell renewal helps your skin naturally glow and plump without spending big bucks on miracle ingredients.

Let's start to see how.

How meditation is related to the beauty and youth of the body

We cannot deny that the lifestyle we lead directly influences our appearance. The diet we choose to have, the practice of exercise and rest influence that we are and look healthier. Still, the thoughts that run through your mind during the day can also slow down or increase the rate at which you age.

Is it hard for you to believe it?

The study published in the journal called Psychoneuroendocrinology shows that the latter is true.

This was done at the University of California-Davis and proved that meditating increases the level of telomerase production.

What will telomerase have to do with beauty and aging...?

The answers from the Harvard study

In a study conducted by Harvard, they experimented on rats and discovered this: telomerase reverses degenerative processes. When cells begin to divide, telomeres shorten. Every time they drop below a certain length, the cells stop dividing and die.

That happens naturally with aging, but telomerase prevents that shortening in certain cells, including stem cells. This is achieved by adding DNA to the corresponding ends of the telomeres. For this reason, it is considered an enzyme of youth, and among others, it is produced when meditating.

5 tips that will help you meditate to rejuvenate

A few years ago a scientific study was carried out by Chinese experts from the Dailan University of Technology. A psychologist from the University of Oregon also participated in this test, and the results were revealing.

What did they discover?

Regular meditation produces strong connections at the neural level that are not produced during the rest of the day to day. These have a direct impact on the possibility of suffering from depression, dementia and attention deficit.

Now that you know the benefits that meditating will bring you, follow these tips to do it correctly:

1. Decide every when you are going to meditate

Do you really think that you will meditate regularly if you don't plan those moments, but leave them to chance?

You know that whenever we set out to introduce a habit in this way, we end up putting it off for the following New Year's resolutions. Therefore, first choose an exact day and time in the week that is convenient for you to meditate.

Sure, doing it every day is better; but obviously it depends on your availability! If possible, establish this routine gradually in your day to day, avoiding excesses.

It is better that you meditate twice a week, than meditate 7 times in the same week, and the next do nothing.

Also, think that meditating can take you from 10 minutes to whatever you want.

2. Find the best place for your meditation ritual

You can't meditate just anywhere if you really want to see the aesthetic benefits of it. Make sure you choose a fixed area of ​​your home where there is comfort, peace and quiet. If possible, dim the lights so that there is a more calm environment.

If you see that it is easy for you, then you can also meditate on public transport or even on work breaks.

3. Get into a comfortable posture

The posture you have when meditating greatly influences your experience. In fact, it is essential.

So no matter what you've seen others do in photos or videos, don't force your stance. Of course, try to keep your back straight without worrying about how your legs and hands will be placed.

Apart from posture, the clothes you wear while practicing meditation should still be comfortable. Obviously you will have to discard everything that is tight so you don't focus on it when you close your eyes.

4. Avoid distractions

You may think that it goes without saying, but you should not be distracted at any time when meditating. Decide beforehand how much time you are going to dedicate to it (minimum 5 minutes to 10 minutes) and concentrate fully.

Do not try to carry out long forced sessions, because that will not help you gain youth or beauty.

Little by little you will strengthen your concentration and you will be able to meditate in different places, but that will come with practice. To begin with, it is an idea that you look for the quietest environment possible, and in which you can perceive the least inputs.

If you have children, tell them to give you those 10 minutes of calm, and another tip: to start, better loose clothing than tight.

It is very likely that you will end up focusing all your attention on where it is squeezing you instead of fully enjoying your personal wellness session.

5. Stay consistent

The idea is not to start your meditation routine and then abandon it due to lack of consistency. Therefore, it is preferable that you start by investing a little time in it and increase it as you get used to it. In this way, you will create a habit that will make you look more beautiful, younger and feel good about yourself.

Even so, it is worth mentioning that there are now applications like Petit Bambú that you can download, and start meditating with them. Otherwise, you can always go to a professional with whom you meditate alone or in a group.

You will see that each one has a different way of meditating. When you discover them, you will be able to choose which one convinces you the most to direct your future meditations.

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