Why white quartz is the best ally for facial cleansing

Nature is the first to offer us sources to take care of and maintain our beauty from a natural aspect. And the most amazing thing is that we can find them in (almost) any place within the ecosystem.

Do you think that white quartz is only a precious stone? You are right, but the reality is that it is also a mineral with skin properties.

This can help you cleanse and care for your face naturally, in addition to transferring emotional properties to you.

If you want to know how, keep reading.

Emotional power of white quartz

White quartz is composed of silica dioxide, in addition to containing white inlays and pigmentations.

This mineral is considered to be one of the most spiritually valuable crystals and the most powerful among the quartz family. This stone is used in meditations to radiate a gentle yet deep energy that goes deep into the body, conveying a sense of protection and harmony.

White quartz allows to purify the body of negative energies, expelling them from it, even if we are not (yet) aware of their presence within us.

When used in rituals of spiritual purification, the stone works with the chakras of the body, especially opening the chakras of the head, throat and spleen.

You can see for yourself what it would be like to perform a meditation with and without the presence of white quartz in the vicinity of your body: you will be able to feel how your body becomes lighter afterwards, and how your energies are balanced.

Cosmetic properties of white quartz extract

The properties of quartz can not only be used in our spiritual rituals, but now they can also be part of your beauty rituals.

The development and research of new cosmetic active ingredients has revealed a new face of natural cosmetics: the extraction of precious and semi-precious minerals.

Quartz was not going to be less!

By translating its emotional properties into the world of cosmetics, we find an ingredient that allows us to recover the natural glow of our skin while exerting a powerful anti-aging effect on it.

Its rejuvenating action smooths the skin and stimulates skin microcirculation, resulting in a wrinkle-free complexion. Of course, a great particularity of this active ingredient is that its anti-aging effect will not be the same as that of silicones, which can leave skin artificially younger.

In this case, the white quartz extract will help you remove the veil of the signs of aging, revealing naturally young and, above all, healthy-looking skin.

It should be noted that in addition to its main property, it also moisturizes and cleanses the skin.

Difficulty finding cosmetics with white quartz

Today there are very few cosmetics that include white quartz extract in their formulations, either due to the difficulty of finding it or to its compatibility with the rest of the ingredients.

After much time researching and testing, Guuds has launched its Quartz cleansing balm , which of course, meets all the benefits discussed in this article.

This, in addition to being ideal for all skin types, has been designed together with other cosmetic active ingredients that reinforce its rejuvenating effect.

If you are curious to see and experience the great virtues of quartz extract, you now have the opportunity to do so ;-)

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