8 habits to get longer and thicker eyelashes

Eyelashes give life to your eyes, so it's normal that you don't want them to start falling out. Every day we naturally lose between 1 and 5 eyelashes, but if the fall is greater, in the medium term it will be much more evident at a visual level.

If this is happening to you, don't worry. Not everything is lost!

You just have to follow the proper routine to keep them healthy and beautiful.

What are these habits?

Let's see them.

1. Use hypo-allergenic masks

Mascaras clearly make our lashes look longer and fuller, but they can be detrimental to their health. The use of hypo-allergenic ones will prevent any unfavorable reaction from occurring due to unwanted ingredients.

Of course, that will happen not only if you choose your masks correctly, but you will also have to apply them correctly. Make zigzag movements, that is, ascending. That way you will prevent your lashes from breaking.

2. Make sure to remove your makeup well

Do you frequently forget to remove your makeup when you get home or before going to sleep? So you will not be able to get long eyelashes, but you will be promoting the opposite. Never leave residue or use a product that is not suitable (hence the importance of natural cosmetics).

Instead, use a cotton pad with makeup remover to remove your makeup very gently and gently.

You will see better effects using products that are moisturizing and gently treat the contour of your eyes. You already know that this area is very delicate and is closely linked to the attractiveness of your eyelashes.

So take care of her!

3. He wears sunglasses constantly.

Wearing sunglasses will not only complement your daily outfit, but will also protect your lashes from dangerous UV rays that dry and weaken them.

Even if the sun hides behind the clouds, make sure you wear your glasses: they can create a magnifying effect that has the same impact on your lashes as if it were a clear day.

4. Comb them daily (in the right way)

By combing your eyelashes every day, you will favor their growth in a great way, because this gives them stimulation. You have to try to be constant so that little by little you see the results of a correct hairstyle. The ideal way to comb them is from the root to its extreme part.

Of course, you shouldn't take just any sort of comb for this (a toothbrush or hair comb won't work). There are special combs but, if you do not want to buy them, use your mascara brush removing the remains. Try to repeat the procedure without missing a single day and see the benefits.

5. Watch your diet well

What we eat is not only reflected on the beach in summer. This influences even how your lashes look. You have the power to ruin them or beautify them with your diet, so it is advisable to take care of it. If you don't already, start including foods with vitamins and minerals in your daily meals. Especially vitamin A, B, C and E.

Surely you will find some food that you like that contains them, because there is an immense variety. For example, you have a choice between flax seeds, walnuts, salmon and avocado. Besides, do not forget to drink a lot of water daily in order to stay very hydrated.

It should be noted that although these nutrients are essential for your eyelashes, they also have a high impact (and importance) on the rest of the capillary structures in your body, such as hair.

6. Use the curling iron sparingly

We don't blame you if you like to curl your eyelashes... after all, they usually look prettier that way.

But don't overdo it! Using too much of the curling iron will end up leaving you with fewer lashes, because it weakens them.

Just as using the iron or the dryer excessively harms your hair, the curler encourages the fall of the eyelashes.

7. Be careful with the use of false eyelashes

If you don't like your natural lashes, chances are you've already used (or are thinking about) falsies because they can make up for what you're looking for. But the truth is that there are many risks involved, such as infections and allergies from the glue they carry.

In case you decide to use them anyway, do it punctually and allow months to pass between one placement and another.

You may have seen that now there is the possibility of using magnetic eyelashes, but these are not the definitive solution to the problem either...

Although they do not have glue, they accumulate dust and impurities that end up having a negative impact on your natural lashes.

8. Keep them nourished with natural products

Have you read or heard about eyelash nutrition? Nope? Well, this is essential for them to grow strong, long and voluminous. You can use different oils that will have this positive effect on your lashes (olive, almond and castor).

In our online store you will find a wide catalog of natural cosmetics, suitable for all skin types, and with a high concentration of nutrients that will not only improve the appearance of your skin, but also of your eyelashes.

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