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What's Guuds for you?

Philosophy and Values

Guuds was born from a dream of changing the world of cosmetics.

Bring together a concept of meditation and energy crystals so that every day we find this moment of mindfulness that we need so much in our lives, and active cosmetics that reverse oxidative and DNA damage to our skin and also help the planet.

Using the energy of sunlight and digital, and environmental pollution to repair and at the same time protect the skin, at the same time using natural ingredients and sustainable processes and materials beginning a long journey of repairing damage caused to our planet.



We remember that it is here and now where the important things happen. Becoming one with the present is the key to being more in doing and less in thinking. We also believe in being present for those who need us most, starting with ourselves, taking care of ourselves and maintaining mental health in order to be a good support for our loved ones.



Our laboratory works on the research and development of new processes as well as new ingredients and natural extracts to always push our products to the limit. All our products are natural and vegan, and we dedicate a large part of our efforts to enhancing our cosmetics while always respecting the planet and the cycle of life.



We seek exclusivity and the highest quality in simplicity. We use natural materials in all our accessories. Cork, bamboo, wood, rose quartz and 100% vegetable cellulose make up our different accessories.

About Miriam

About Miriam

My sister is one of the most conscious people for the environment and our world that I know. He has spent years researching and trying to reduce the consumption of plastics and pollutants to a minimum.

She studied Business Administration and is an expert in finance and economics, working for more than 13 years in the sector. Which leads her to be a very valid person in the business world.

The great inspirer of the GUUDS world, and most importantly; able to make a dream come true. A cosmetic brand that brings together all its values. Respect, bravery, sustainability, purity and kindness.

A very organized, responsible person, and a very active and courageous woman. No obstacle is enough to stop her when she wants to achieve her goals.

I write from the heart, from the admiration of a little brother to his older sister. Years will pass and all I can do is thank you for your trust in me for this project. Together we are Guuds, and now we want to encompass many people.

Dani Cartana

About Danny

About Danny

Tireless entrepreneur for more than six years, always with new projects and illusions, my brother is the most persevering and generous person I know, he is one of those people who shine and make others shine. Not only is he a great communicator, but he also knows how to listen like no other and is able to understand without the need for a single word.

This project would not have been possible without him, with that desire to conquer the world he gives me strength when it fails me, he finds a way to solve all the obstacles that arise and to materialize any idea when it seems impossible.

In Guuds he has put all his soul and enthusiasm, making shine a project that seemed like an unattainable dream

I could not be more proud of the man he has become and of sharing my life with him since he came into this world, this same world that we now want to improve together.

Miriam Cartana

About Guuds

We have been able to appreciate the beauty of nature, its pure air, crystal clear waters, aromatic plants...

We have been able to appreciate our beautiful and fragile world.

We have been able to experience the essence of the connection between ourselves and nature

For all this we wanted to transfer all these sensations to our skin, mind and spirit so that they vibrate high and in total harmony with Mother Earth.

“When we decided to adapt our lives to responsible consumption and reduce the consumption of plastics as much as possible, we tried all kinds of solid cosmetics but we found that solid products did not leave the desired effect on the skin or on the hair that they achieve. quality gel products, so we decided to investigate together with botanical experts to find the definitive formula that would make moving to solid cosmetics a pleasant step without giving up the highest quality ingredients of gel products” Miriam Cartañá

"Our unique aromas created by our holistic teacher do not contain perfume, they are a mixture of carefully selected essential oils that place you in perfect line with the universe" Dani Cartañá

Our signature cosmetics is the result of combining: family tradition, a mixture of cultures resulting from our travels, a passion for minerals and their properties, and the search for natural and vegan ingredients that allow us to maximize the effectiveness of what has been given to us. the earth and carefully transfer it to your skin damaged by pollution and exposure to environmental factors.

We use minerals and precious stones that, in addition to having cosmetic qualities, have energetic qualities. They help activate and align the chakras, increasing vibration and personal well-being, thus turning our range of cosmetics into an authentic ritual and an experience that goes beyond sensations and the five senses.

"The packaging designed by us, handmade with love, breathes the idea of moving away from disposables to meet again in the world of quality products made to save, reuse and recycle, creating a constant cycle of giving and receiving" Dani Cartaña

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