The 2 types of aging that can affect you

Aging is a natural process that we all go through, and it is clearly reflected in our skin. Starting to take care of yourself, even if wrinkles or fine lines of expression have already appeared on your face, is essential.

However, not everyone ages the same way. In fact, there are 2 types of aging that will make the products we use useful or the opposite.

Do you know how you are aging? Whether the answer is yes or no, this interests you, so keep reading.

How does the skin reflect aging?

As we age, our skin becomes more translucent, fine and sensitive to external aggressions. This is because the amount of natural substances, which give it a youthful and beautiful appearance, decreases. For example, by reducing elastin and collagen, the skin's appearance is less elastic and firm.

In addition, the pigmentation loses uniformity, which generates the appearance of spots. All these changes, which occur in the interior structure, affect the appearance and texture of the exterior. Through them, your skin shows what you have experienced, but you can influence how it will look and how you will accept it.

Different types of aging

Although aging is completely natural, it is important to detect how you are doing it. Your skin should reflect how old you are, not years older. Therefore, it is good to learn to distinguish between natural (intrinsic) and premature (extrinsic) aging.


It is based on the aging that occurs around the age of 50, and is due to internal factors. The skin looks rougher, flaccid, dry and fine, because it loses density and volume. This causes wrinkles to become more visible and areas with excessive pigmentation are commonly present.

Although this kind of aging is inevitable, it is possible to reduce its effects to some degree. As long as you exercise consistent and proper care of your skin, you will succeed.


Premature aging is the one you have the chance to avoid. Above all, if you control the extrinsic factors that influence its appearance. Some of these involve emotional instability, pollution, excessive exposure to sun or wind, and poor diet.

Another thing that plays an important role in its development is lack of sleep or exercise. In addition, it should be noted that the consumption of alcohol and tobacco together with the absence of skin care, according to personal needs, has a negative impact.

How to take care of your skin during aging

It is clear that there are many measures that you can and should take to age healthily and beautifully. Knowing what they are will make it easier for you to put them into practice in your daily life, by making them part of your routine.

In this way you will be able to perceive the benefits of each part of your routine both in the short and long term, maintaining beautiful skin. Do not forget that we are all different and that what feels good to another does not have to feel just as good to you.

The objective of this process of personal and internal recognition is that, even when time passes, and you get older, you will feel confident in showing off your complexion.

Change your cleaning habits

Your skin cleansing habits have a direct influence on your physical appearance. It is essential that you make sure to use gentle cleansers or special cleansing milks, instead of alkaline soaps.

The latter, along with the high pH of the water, can damage that important acid mantle responsible for covering your skin. This would make it more vulnerable and receptive to the attack of extrinsic agents that cause damage to it.

use sunscreen

Chronic sun exposure is estimated to be responsible for 90% of age-related skin changes. This occurs mainly due to the actions it has on the DNA of the cells. Therefore, it is good that you use sunscreen, against UVA and UVB, every time you go out.

Especially on your face, hands, neckline and neck, which are the parts most exposed to the sun's rays. Prevent the sun from burning you and penetrating to the deep layers of your skin, so that it does not age it prematurely.

Take advantage of natural cosmetic remedies

Using natural cosmetics is an excellent idea to keep your skin in good condition. Create and use remedies with hyauluronic acid, vitamin E, vitamin C, green tea, echinacea or centella asiatica.

You will also benefit from the use of oils such as pomegranate, geranium, lavender, myrrh, patchouli, rose and chamomile. By combining them and applying them correctly, your skin will not age prematurely or excessively.

Keep in mind that no matter how many miraculous methods appear (or revive) every year, every human being comes from nature. Therefore, the best synergies you can ALWAYS find with your body will be natural.

In the case of aging, the best ally of nature is science, but yes... remember to compose your beauty routine mainly with vegan cosmetics with ingredients that have a high absorption capacity!

If you apply cosmetics that your skin does not absorb, forget about noticing their positive effects.

And if you want to go straight to the point and discover which are the best cosmetics that you can apply to your body to delay aging and exploit the full potential of your natural beauty, don't forget to stop by our online store ;)

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