What effect do parabens have on our skin?

Cosmetics come into direct contact with our body and therefore it would be dangerous to underestimate the impact they can have on our health.

Among other ingredients that have been included in cosmetics and that have ended up unleashing diseases in those who applied it, we find parabens, which continue to circulate freely.

If you still don't know the effects that these can have on your health... keep reading!

Parabens: What are they?

Parabens form a group composed of chemical substances, used as preservatives for personal care products. That's because they slow down the growth of bacteria, thus lengthening the shelf life of cosmetics.

They are also cheap, effective and their composition includes propanol and methanol. Due to all this, they are found in a wide variety of products such as underarm deodorants, lotions, shampoos and toothpastes.

They are also present in makeup, body creams, deodorants, sunscreens, skin moisturizers, and sprays.

Now, we are talking about all the types of products in which they can be present, but would you know how to detect them?

When you look at the list of ingredients of the product you are going to buy, you will never see "PARABENS" as just another ingredient.

Instead, you can find them under the names: methyl, isopropyl, ethyl, isobutylparabens, butyl and propyl.

But... wait, wait, wait!

If we know they are dangerous, why don't they ban them?

Well, not all of them are allowed, but some are.

Even so, it is important to detect those that have already been prohibited (it would not be the first time that cosmetics with prohibited ingredients have been found on the landings of a cosmetics store).

The authorized and the prohibited

Because some are more harmful than others, there are parabens that are allowed and others that are prohibited.

The European Union has authorized parabens for cosmetic use with these codes:

  • Ethyl p-hydroxybenzoate (E214)
  • Sodium ethyl p-hydroxybenzoate (E215)
  • Propyl p-hydroxybenzoate (E216)
  • Sodium propyl p-hydroxybenzoate (E217)
  • Ethyl p-hydroxybenzoate (E218)
  • Sodium ethyl p-hydroxybenzoate (E219)

On the other hand, those that have been prohibited, since April 2014, are:

  • Isobutylparaben
  • benzylparaben
  • pentylparaben
  • Phenylparaben

These have a high degree of toxicity and it is important to distinguish them to confirm that they are not among the ingredients.

negative health effects

In summary, at the health level we can find:

- hormonal changes

- skin problems

- harm that can affect babies during pregnancy

- possible cancer "causers"

Now we will go into detail!

hormonal alteration

The hormonal alteration, caused by parabens, is due to the fact that they are endocrine disruptors that interfere with the hormonal system. These compounds interfere with the natural transport, binding, release, metabolism, production, and removal of hormones from the body.

These regulate reproduction, growth, responses to stress and other vital organic functions.

Therefore, parabens could decrease the number of sperm, delay sexual development and cause infertility. They are also considered responsible for promoting obesity and diabetes.

skin problems

When parabens touch your skin, you run the risk of redness, irritation, and other skin problems. The area where you apply products with these types of ingredients could present raised red rashes, which are likely to ooze.

In that area of ​​your skin you could even suffer rashes, dermatitis or inflammation, when exposed to the sun.


There are clinical studies that have shown that there are parabens in samples taken from tumors, especially breast cancer. This occurs because 90% of this type of cancer expresses cell receptors that are activated by estrogen.

What affects the suspicion that these chemical compounds contribute to the development of breast tumors. This should alert you if you use deodorants that contain parabens, because you apply them to a sensitive area, close to the chest.

harm to babies

If you are pregnant, it is essential that you avoid any type of products with parabens. By penetrating the skin, they cross the placenta, reach the fetus and can affect its brain, reproductive and immune systems.

(On the other hand, once your baby is born, we also recommend paying attention to applying the least number of products that contain this ingredient!)

Applying creams with that ingredient to your skin and particularly sensitive areas could cause major rashes and abrasions. So watch out!

How to avoid parabens?

More and more manufacturers are betting on cosmetics developed and promoted with a paraben-free formula. However, there are still more products that contain them than those that do not. For that reason, it's a good idea to make sure you check the labels before you buy one.

Although parabens will likely no longer be used in this class of products in the future, they are still plentiful. Luckily, the variety of cosmetics free of these offers you freedom when choosing, so take advantage of it.

In our store you will find high-quality natural products that will allow you to obtain the best effects that a cosmetic can offer you without affecting your health.

Because natural is the best thing you can give your body!

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