How to get a silky and shiny beard with a solid shampoo

A beard can convey 2 very different things:

- style, maturity, strength and security

- TOTAL carelessness

To avoid looking sloppy with a full beard, it should be attractive, silky and shiny.

One way to achieve this without having to find more time to take care of it, is to use a solid shampoo.

Why solid shampoo and how to choose the one that works best for us?

We explain EVERYTHING:

Why not use body soap or liquid shampoo for your beard?

Using body soap for your beard is not a brilliant idea, since it has been developed to take care of the skin of the body. Especially for areas where a large amount of bacteria, dirt and sweat accumulate, body soap is where it will work best. That is why, if you use soap to clean your beard, you will notice your dry beard after applying it, since it is quite aggressive.

In fact, the skin of the face can also dry out, since the body soap drags oils necessary for its balance. On the other hand, hair shampoo is made for the hair, scalp and its characteristics.

The hair on the head is usually finer and the skin oilier and stronger, resisting preservative agents. These agents, such as sulfates, parabens and silicones in hair shampoo, are not appropriate for your beard.

Therefore, knowing that there are different types of shampoos, and that they can act in such a different way on our beard, the following question arises:

How are the special shampoos for beards?

Beard shampoos take into account the constitution of the facial skin and the hair that grows in this area. This hair is thicker and its growth process is quite short. In addition, facial skin is very delicate and its hair follicles are sensitive to chemical agents.

Keep in mind that, if you are looking to shine a beard like God intended, it is likely that you will see that many signs of acne begin to appear in this area due to the product you are using to cleanse.

Unlike hair shampoo, this type of shampoo removes oil and dirt without completely removing those natural oils. By using it, you will feel relief from itching and prevent the appearance of eczema. You will also be able to maintain the softness of your skin and the fiber that makes up your hair.

If it is natural, it will also include plant-based ingredients, such as essential oils and butter, that will protect your beard.


In order to put the special beard shampoo to good use, you should rub it with wet hands over your beard. Gently, perform a light massage until foam is formed and, when you get it, now massage with your fingers. Try to get the shampoo into your beard and even into your skin.

Then, use plenty of water to rinse and be able to remove the remains of the shampoo. Finish by taking a towel and proceeding to gently dry yourself, without rubbing roughly. This way you will get silky and shiny hair with an enviable appearance.

When to use it?

To get silky, shiny facial hair, you need to know when or how often to shampoo. This can vary a lot depending on each person and even the type of beard they have. The rhythm of your life, the work and the place where you do it are factors to take into account.

You have to remember that, although this type of beard shampoo is mild, it always has certain chemicals. For that reason, you should not use it indiscriminately, as it can affect sebum production. It is recommended to use it daily but, if you see any bad effect, alternate its use one day and the other.

Additional Tips

Other tips that can help you keep your beard and hair silky and shiny are these:

  • Do not use hot water to wash it because you can damage the hair structure, as well as the skin. Rather use lukewarm water.
  • If you have done a strong sporting activity or have sweated a lot, lather it twice if you see fit.
  • In case of using a dryer, make sure that its temperature is medium and the power is low. As with hot water, you could weaken the hair structure and even burn the hair.
  • Use a special brush or comb for your beard before drying it completely.
  • If you have it, apply drops of some beard oil and obtain aroma, shine and softness.

How to choose the best solid shampoo for silky and shiny hair

The appropriate shampoo for your beard is one that lacks harmful agents that remove natural oils. For example, it is important that you check that it does not contain these elements:

  • Phthalates, perfume or synthetic fragrances
  • Polyethylene glycol, silicones or parabens
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Diethanolamine or triethanolamine

Unlike shampoos with mainly chemical components, there are solid shampoos with natural surfactants that are very mild, like those of Guuds. Its ingredients are of plant origin and perform aromatizing and moisturizing functions that will leave your beard with a silky and shiny effect.

If you take care of your beard, you will not only be making it look better, but you will also ensure that it retains a healthy and lush appearance in the long term.

Remember that the beard is usually the first area where gray hair usually appears, and it is better that you can take advantage of it as a point in favor to take advantage of the new look that you will take on with age.

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