How psychocosmetics help you feel better every day

Using cosmetics to pamper and care for the skin and everything related to physical appearance is not new. That's what it's for, right?

However, have you heard of psychocosmetics?

This concept of has gained greater popularity and importance in recent months, gaining a strong boost during the pandemic.

When you know what it consists of, you probably want to experience the sensation that these provide and, above all, the benefits that they can bring you.

We explain everything about psychocosmetics!

Psychocosmetics: What is it?

The term psychocosmetics refers to cosmetics of a traditional nature combined with sensations that go beyond a simple cutaneous, capillary, or other application. We can use it to care for the face, hair, all skin and any area of ​​the body. But without a doubt, the most interesting thing about psychocosmetics is that it favors the connection that exists between the brain and the skin.

And you may be wondering... How is that done?

There are products that help secrete hormones that cause emotional reactions thanks to their ingredients, which are normally of natural origin.
Cosmetic laboratories such as those of Guuds develop this type of cosmetics using ingredients that inhibit or increase neurotransmitters or cutaneous neuromediators.

Through touch, smell, sight and other senses, these products seek to stimulate certain emotions. Because of that, apart from having positive effects on your skin, they also serve to influence your mood.

5 of its main benefits

The advantages of psychocosmetics are obviously superior to those offered by the traditional one, since we are taking advantage of the properties of "usual" cosmetics and those of these new ingredients that affect our self-esteem and our emotions.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to experience it, here are some of the main benefits of these cosmetics so that you are encouraged to try them:

therapeutic effects

The purpose of psychocosmetics is twofold, both cosmetic and therapeutic. That's because they increase energy and even increase the body's ability to withstand emotional imbalances.

They also allow to eliminate redness, wrinkles, bags and dark circles that often occur due to repetitive negative emotions in our mind. By applying them, you will experience a relaxing sensation that will give you pleasure and generate positive emotions not only during use, but for the rest of the day (or night!).

better self esteem

It attacks physical appearance problems that lead to low self-esteem, such as the appearance of spots and acne. If you are insecure about the state of your skin, these products will be of great help to you since they have powerful natural properties that will allow you to soothe these imperfections on your skin.

In addition, by influencing the hormones generated by your brain, you will also notice a deep sense of well-being when carrying out your beauty ritual with this type of cosmetic.

By using them continuously and seeing their favorable effects, you will feel significantly better about yourself, both in the short term and progressively.

Personal care

Personal care or self-care produces undeniable pleasure and relief when done with psychocosmetics. That's because these products reduce the chances of experiencing feelings of discouragement caused by neglect or personal abandonment.

After all, taking care of your physical well-being is directly associated with a higher level of emotional well-being!


The aesthetic results produced by psychocosmetics will allow you to gain more internal security. Feeling comfortable and pleased when seeing your reflection in the mirror will fill you with confidence in yourself. Undoubtedly, seeing yourself better can make you feel the same way and even make others perceive you that way.

We promise you that the feeling you will have when you open your 5 senses during your beauty ritual will change not only your mood, but also the way you relate to your own body.


Clearly, beauty can be subjective, but it begins with a deep self-love that psychocosmetics can help you cultivate. It is not about entering into the stereotypes imposed by society, but about feeling satisfied in your skin, in all your natural fullness.

Due to the connection between the physical and emotional planes, feeling good about your exterior will give you inner peace and this will affect the way your skin relaxes and therefore help you reduce skin imperfections and inflammation.

What opinion do expert psychologists have?

Psychologists support the theory that the experience of these cosmetics in terms of brain transmissions is satisfactory and positive. Psychocosmetics emphasizes the pleasurable sensations that derive from the application and the effects of these products.

And, although of course they defend that more is needed to achieve lasting happiness, they support that it manages to arouse beneficial sensations.

What are psychocosmetic products?

Not all cosmetics fall into the so-called psychocosmetic category, as this depends on their composition and manufacture. There is no formula or rule that applies to everyone. Those that have a greater amount of natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals have proven to be more effective, but this does not imply that they have an impact on a psychological level.

In this category of products we will find from creams, lotions, tonics, balms and makeup, to shampoos, facial cleansers, soaps and many other formats.

At Guuds we only have psychocosmetics. Its proven efficacy on both the skin, hair and emotional levels is one of its greatest assets, mixed with the innovative ingredients extracted from precious and semi-precious stones that we integrate into each and every one of our products.

If you want to connect with yourself, pamper yourself and take a break while taking care of yourself, discover our psychocosmetics in our official store .

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