Guuds cork case

Take them everywhere!

At Guuds we want to make things easier for you, so we have created this accessory designed so that our solid cosmetic products travel with you anywhere. Take them to the gym or on a trip, our solid soaps do not have to pass the liquid control at the airport so you can carry them in your hand luggage without problems.

*Only compatible with 45g and 35g format products
Format :
Cork is a completely natural, renewable and biodegradable material.

Its production does not generate any pollution or damage to the ecosystem. It is obtained by barking the cork oak, without cutting down the tree, a process that is carried out every 9 to 12 years.
A very versatile accessory. You can use them as a "toilet bag" to store and transport your soaps as a "soap dish" in the shower. Whenever possible, leave the box open for a few minutes to let the soaps dry. *IMPORTANT: Wash with plenty of water a couple of times and allow to dry well before first use.
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