Why minerals are a great ally for skin and hair

As you already know, cosmetics take advantage of the elements that nature provides, such as minerals, to care for skin and hair. But of course, talking about nature is like talking about infinity.

What exactly do we mean when we talk about "natural elements"?
And most importantly, what are the elements that can bring the most benefits to our skin and that you are probably not using yet?

You probably already know some of the most common ones. However, you might be surprised to know that minerals are just as essential for our skin and hair as they are for the rest of our organs.

What mineral components benefit the skin and hair?

Minerals contain a series of beneficial properties that not only allow us to take care of the health and appearance of our skin, but also have an additional effect that few other ingredients have. It is about the positive impact they have on our well-being and our state of mind.

See how you feel when you have a diet rich in nutrients, and above all, in essential minerals. Your mood changes, along with your level of energy and well-being. Apart from consuming minerals through food, the largest organ of our body (the skin) is also capable of absorbing them through its pores.

Thanks to treatment with mineral extracts or essences, you can improve the appearance of your skin and hair. This is due to the treatment that has been given to minerals, to convert them into extracts and later include them in cosmetic formulas, as we do at Guuds.

Even so, there are thousands and thousands of minerals, and to simplify your life, we are going to explain to you which are the most interesting minerals that you can add to your skin to achieve the effects that we mentioned in the lines above.


Jade is a mineral that has positive properties for the skin, since it helps to clean dead cells. It also cleanses the toxins that the skin generates in the short and medium term. This improves the appearance of the skin, providing greater hydration and leaving it purified.

In addition, jade allows to accompany the cosmetic in question with a very pleasant sensation after its application.

What we have done at Guuds has been to combine our body soap with other vitamins and antioxidants to achieve an extra contribution of elasticity to the skin.

Cosmetics with this type of composition deeply nourish and soften the skin, in addition to regenerating the upper skin layer.


The use of Topaz in cosmetics helps to strengthen the hair and achieve a contribution of natural shine. In addition, it allows it to be deeply cleaned, providing it with hydration and a lot of softness at the same time.

The best thing about this ingredient is that it gives you energy and makes it strong from the root to the ends, which translates into a contribution of natural luminosity that is clearly visible.

In addition, it helps to minimize hair damage caused by the sun's ultraviolet rays and other polluting agents.


Quartz, when incorporated into cosmetic formulations, is of great help, especially for facial care. It will help us clean it and rid it of impurities that accumulate in it throughout the day, and therefore clog our skin pores.

Using cosmetics like Quartz will mark a before and after in our beauty routine. They are ideal for conditioning the skin and especially for the complete absorption of nutrients.

Think that many of the properties of the cosmetics that we apply are wasted, since common facial cleansers do not usually clean as effectively as those that contain quartz extract.

In the case of Quartz , it not only acts as a skin cleanser, since mixed with other ingredients, it soothes and softens our facial skin. For that reason, it is ideal for cracked skin or skin with signs of aging such as wrinkles.


Volcanic extracts are usually used in very natural mineral exfoliants that act by making dead cells located in the epidermis disappear. In this way, a cell renewal is produced that favors the appearance of the skin in a very short time.

These ingredients produce a great tonic effect that refreshes and stimulates microcirculation. Likewise, they promote the supply of nutrients and reaffirm the skin and its tissues.

As if all that weren't enough, they provide antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that cleanse, purify and leave a deep sense of well-being.

A great sustainable and natural option for a scrub with volcanic extracts is Volcano , which will provide you with all the benefits we have mentioned.


Cosmetics with this type of extract are characterized by providing an extra supply of trace elements. These catalyze skin functions and allow better skin conservation, resulting in a youthful appearance.

The application of cosmetics that contain this ingredient, such as Emerald , are noticeable as velvety, but without leaving any greasy residue.

By applying this type of cosmetics, you will experience a feeling of relaxation, flexibility and elasticity, while giving your skin a natural glow effect.


Agate extracts in cosmetics channel regenerative properties that provide a natural luminosity effect while acting as anti-wrinkles.

These take the emotional properties of the pure mineral, transmitting serenity when applied to our skin. A natural and sustainable cosmetic option that contains these types of extracts is Agate .


Selenite has extremely moisturizing properties that strengthen hair naturally. In addition, its antioxidant power favors the scalp, strengthening its structure from the root and revitalizing it completely.

This mineral extract also helps against dandruff and prevents hair from falling out.

A product with Selenite, such as Selenite , provides nutrients to the hair and helps to make detangling an easy task. In addition, a strong point to highlight about selenite extract is that after applying it, it helps the hair grow thicker and therefore allows you to show off a vigorously natural and young mane.
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