Why are solid cosmetics the best in natural and sustainable cosmetics?

Why is it worth knowing about solid cosmetics and deciding to use them? Body lotions, deodorants, gels, shampoos and conditioners are products that leave environmental footprints.

The ingredients, containers and wrappers of the aforementioned cosmetic elements pollute the environment. Surely you want to reduce the negative impact you cause on the planet and the best option to achieve this is to decide on other types of products. Still don't know what they are? Well keep reading.

What are solid cosmetics?

When we talk about solid cosmetics we refer to products that are "zero waste". Why does this say? These can be used in many occasions and the best feature of them is that they help to produce less garbage. In addition, they are biodegradable alternatives.

Products in this class have the excellent ability to be absorbed back into nature. These are made with formulas with very little water and there are even those that have nothing. Although they are made in different ways, their effects are the same as the cosmetics you are used to using.

Why should you go for solid cosmetics?

We know that switching from common products to those that are vegan is not an easy process. Therefore, to convince you that it is an excellent option, here are the reasons you have to decide on solid cosmetics:

They are used in the same way as non-solid products.

When you buy cosmetics of this type, you do not need to apply them in different ways. Actually, they work the same as others, because you only have to hydrate them so that they begin to produce the foam that you apply to your body.

In the case of shampoos, conditioners and solid gels, these are used in two ways . First, you add water in them, rub it in your hands, and lastly, apply it to your hair. Another option would be to moisturize them and apply them directly to your hair or body.

Although these cosmetics represent a major change in habits , they have a positive impact and can often be of a higher quality grade, (such as Guuds cosmetics).

Buying them is a great investment.

It is true that these personal care items are priced higher than liquids. However, acquiring them is a good investment, think for a moment: a well-used solid shampoo bar easily lasts more than 2 months.

In contrast to the above, liquid shampoo is cheaper, but it lasts less and is wasted when it spills between your fingers.

Solid products have a higher concentration, which makes them last longer. It is true that they are more expensive, but their value for money is much better than that of liquid cosmetics.

His composition

The packaging of a natural cosmetic represents between 40% and 50% of its final price. Because solids don't need packaging, the investment you make in the purchase is directed toward the ingredients .

Its composition causes less waste, consumes fewer resources and, therefore, respects the environment. In addition, the ingredients used meet the following characteristics:

  • cruelty-free
  • Suitable for vegans
  • They do not have irritating sulfates
  • Delicate with sensitive and dry skin

The solution to the cost of plastic and natural ingredients

Those explained before are not the only reasons you have to decide on this type of cosmetics. Others that we will name briefly are: they do not need plastic containers, they do not have artificial preservatives and their packages are recyclable .

Thanks to the proven positive effect they have on the environment, it is becoming easier to find these cosmetics. Contrary to popular belief and they do not irritate your hair or skin. The reality is that they fulfill their function very well , so much so that they are already the first choice of many people who seek to take care of themselves with quality cosmetics that also protect the environment.

Do you want to start using solid cosmetics? So, make sure you find the ones that are of the best quality and guarantee you the best effects. Our cosmetics meet these requirements, so don't hesitate to stop by our online store to take a look at our latest releases.

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